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Project Management Workshops created by Phase One

Our expertize will help you to improve the growth & efficiency of your organization in terms of Project & Program Management.

Phase One provides 400+ remote workshops (EN + FR) per year.

The best approach in terms of flexibility.


Phase One offers 20 workshops based on classic project management (waterfall, V-cycle).

Our coaches are all experienced (minimum 15 years of experience) and certified (Scrum Master PSM1, PRINCE2 and/or PMP).

The workshops are carried out in French or in English with materials/documents always in English.

People who wish to improve their knowledge of project management can either follow all 20 workshops (20x 1 hour) or participate in certain workshops according to their needs.

Our online booking system is available to facilitate reservations (see here after). In order to guarantee a high quality of these workshops, the number of participants is limited to 10.

The 20 different workshops are carried out on cycles of 8 weeks (5 cycles/year). There are 4 dates available for each workshop in each cycle.

The workshops are based on the experience of our experts but also on the official PRINCE2 and PMI documentation.

Workshops dedicated to the Agile methodology are also carried out (info).

It is also possible to have a pool of days/hours available to provide private coaching sessions (30 min) on demand (info).

Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form below to obtain more details on our workshops dedicated to project management.


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Benfits of our Project Management Workshops

Improve the growth & efficiency of your organization by following workshops created by Phase One's Experts.

Get the job done quicker and never strat from scratch again with our ready-made and fully editable Frameworks, Tools & Templates in PowerPoint, Word & Excel.

Get support and advice from our experts. Individual coaching sessions are available (16x 30 min slots per week)

Improve the cost management by adopting project management good practices.

We have worked 10.000+ hours over the past 3 years to create the world's best Project Management Workshops. Don't reinvent the wheel. Join our workshops in EN or FR.

Hiring top-tier Project Manager would cost you 150+ k€. That's a lot more expensive than following our 20 workshops.

It's like hiring a Senior Project Manager to create all the practical Frameworks, Tools & Templates required to get a real advantage.

Improve your skills & capabilities and meet your professional goals by participating to our 20 different workshops. 400 dates per year (20 dates for each workshop).

Impress your stakeholders and become your organization's Project Manager expert with strong Project Management processes.

Our coaches/experts


Why working with Phase One ?

Imagine having a team of Senior Project Managers at your disposal at any time of the day to help you solve your project problems. How much more confident would you be?

The only problem is that hiring a couple of tier-one Project Managers for a project would cost you at least 150 k€. Not every business or team can afford this.

I wanted to do something about this because I believe everyone deserves to receive high value project management guidance, regardless of their budget! That's why I've teamed up with other Senior Project Managers from around the world to create all the workshops.

Frameworks & Templates required to solve any project issue you may encounter. After humble beginnings, we now have clients in 4+ countires.

Sébastien Bartholomé (Founder & CEO)



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