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MS office 365 consultancy 

Where are you on your Office 365 journey ?


Office 365 is packed with tools that can help your team to be more effective.

Figuring out where to start, and how to go about migrating files and emails up to the cloud, can be daunting. It's also important not to have a false start - you need users to be excited and engaged.

Phase One's consultants can work with you to plan and implement your first steps towards a digital workplace.


If you've been working with Office 365 for a while, you'll be starting to realise that there's a lot more under the bonnet than Word and OneDrive.

Modern intranets with SharePoint, collaboration with Teams, data analysis with Power BI, business workflow with Flow and PowerApps - Office 365 is packed with functionality that you're already paying for, and that can significantly impact your efficency.

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We've been working with Office 365 for a long time, and watching it mature into a robust platform for building business applications.

Once you've invested in Office 365, it makes sense to use it for as many business functions as possible, whether you need to manage HR processes such as staff onboarding, of build complex production management systems.

We are helping several organisations to take full advantage of the Office 365 platform.

Begin your Office 365 journey.

Typically, the first step to using the Microsoft Cloud is to migrate emails onto Exchange online, and then begin to use Skype or Teams for internal communication.

An intranet, or using SharePoint and OneDrive for file management often follow on quickly from this.

We can work with you to plan and execute these migrations, making sure that communication is good and downtime is minimal.

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O365 - Ancre 2

Get more value from your investment in Office 365

Office 365 is so much more than Word, Excel and Email.


With your subscription, you have a collection of cloud apps designed to make day-to-day office working easier.


SharePoint - corporate intranets and document management

Teams - collaborate on projects

Power BI - interactively analyse data

and so much more...


Get in touch to find out how to get more from your licenses.



Build awesome business tools, right in Office 365

With Office 365, you can build integrated tools hosted in Microsoft Data Centres and securely interacting with your internal systems.

From simple workflow tools to highly complex business processing applications, Microsoft has built an extensive development platform for you to build the tools you need.

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Phase One is your Office 365 Consultancy Partner

We passionately believe in empowering companies to do bigger and better things through the use of IT.

Call us to talk about your requirements.

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