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Why ?

By joining us it's a Win-Win relationship.

We increase together our networks and then our visibility.

You don't have to manage invoices ! We maange everything for you.

Depending on the pack you can be paid within 8 days each month. You don't have to wait 30 to 45 days to be paid.

You have access to the Phase One Community (SharePoint, Documents, MS Teams, ...)

You got an Office365 E3 license, Phase One visit card, and more.

O365 - Ancre 2

We are looking for ...

  • Motivated and talented IT profiles

  • Profiles located in European major cities.

  • Freelance in accordance with local commercial laws

  • xxxxxx

  • xxxxxxx


* Commission due to Phase One on a monthly basis with a minimum invoicing of:



Gold :

300 € excl. VAT

500 € excl. VAT

700 € excl. VAT


Phase One is the Company to be with.

Join our network.

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