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fit 4 digital by luxinnovation


Do you still work with old Excel tables or outdated software?

Do you spend your evenings filling out documents and preparing quotes?

Do you forget customer appointments?

Whether it is to increase your visibility, develop new distribution channels, improve your customer relations or optimise your internal processes, digitalisation can be very beneficial for your company.. and your turnorver!

In order to help you make the switch to digitalisation, the Luxembourg Government has launched the Fit 4 Digital support programme.

Fit 4 Digital Program

This program, coordinated by Luxinnovation, offers SMEs (see European criteria below) an audit of their digitalization status carried out by Phase One (authorized Partner), fully funded by the Ministry of Economy.

At the end of this audit, 100% supported by the public entity, an audit report will be established by Phase One and submitted to the Ministry giving right to the client company, within the framework of its digital transformation:

  • a reduction of up to 20% on future purchases of equipment (IT/SaaS/Cloud)

  • up to 50% State participation in the costs incurred for the implementation phase (consultancy part)


Who can participate in Fit 4 Digital ?

  • Small and medium-sized enterprise (SME)

  • Established in Luxembourg

  • Which is not classified as a "company in difficulty" and which has an establishement authorization issued by the SME Department of the Ministry of Economy (formerly Ministry of the Middle Classes). Please note, certain fields of activity are excluded from the scope of eligibility! (see list below)

  • Who wants to take advantage of information technology

Am I an SME ?

Yes, if I count:  

  • less than 250 employees

  • less than 50 million euros in turnover or less than 43 millions euro in sum balance sheet


Please note, if one of your shareholdes with a participation of more than 25% is not an SME or a private, you are not eligible.

Am I a struggling business ?

Yes, if more than half of my subscripted share capital has disappeared due to accumulated losses.

When can I participate in Fit 4 Digital ?

The Fit 4 Digital program is always open. Application files can be submitted anytime during the year.

How to apply ?

The company fills out an online form with Phase One support. The form will be submitted to Luxinnovation for approval.

Activity sectors excluded from the program

  • shopping centers or commercial areas with a sales area greater than 400 square meters

  • specialized stores with a sales area of more than 400 square meters, except for furniture stores

  • locations in shopping centers, with the exception of companies with a surface area of sales of less than 400 square meters

  • transport auxiliaries

  • cable distributors

  • training centers and institutes

  • wellness centers, solarium and sauna operations

  • cinemas and companies active in the production of cinematographic works

  • security and guarding companies

  • companies active in the forestry sector

  • taxi companies and car rental companies with drivers

  • companies whose activity is governed by a state concession

  • liquidation stores after bankruptcy

  • organizers of shows of all kinds

  • motor vehicle showrooms, with the exception of maximum assitance up to the limit of 200 k€ and on condition that the value of the workshop part is greater than the value of the showroom

  • supplementary catering

  • piercing salons and tattoo parlors

  • stores selling pornographic material

  • erotic show establishments

  • stores selling mainly tobacco or electronic cigarettes

  • fuel shops

  • transport companies

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