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project management coaching

We offer coaching on the job to Project Managers who want to feel confident, accomplished, and well-prepared.

As people who have been there before, we can discuss problems, brainstorm ideas, and give supportive feedback.

You have the ultimate authority over your decisions, but we can guide you with expert opinion as work through issues yourself and create solutions that work for you.



Project management is a powerful approach to improving an organization's effectiveness. Unfortunately, there is a “gap” between the time that one reads a project management book (or attends a workshop) and the time when one tries to apply that new information to their work. That “gap” is best filled by project management coaching. It is necessary for a new approach to the project manager role: You need to conjugate project management experience with a coaching perspective to correctly develop the project manager in his or her profession. The project governance that “provides a comprehensive, consistent method for controlling the project and ensuring the success itself” is not possible without an object-oriented approach.

Project management coaching should adopt what is actually just a form of learning the basics, which under ordinary circumstances occurs during the period of life known as the “critical period” (Lorenz, 1949), when one is biologically predisposed to that type of learning. Use of “imprinting” as defined by Konrad Lorenz then enhances the capacity of project managers through their awareness and understanding of their potential in the management of the project. (Lorenz, 1949).




During the last 10 years, coaching has become an effective process in helping clients reach their goals and improve their performance.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is the process of helping people and teams to perform to the best of their abilities. It involves drawing out people's strengths, helping people to bypass personal barriers and limits in order to achieve their personal best, and facilitating their ability to function more effectively as members of a team.

Why Coaching is so important in Project Management?

Coaching is so important in project management because the project manager must fill several roles in the completion of a project. First of all, the project manager must fill the role of an integrator: he or she is often the only person who is able to view both the project and the way it fits the overall plan for the organization. The project manager must also explain and integrate the project with members outside the project team who may or may not be within the organization.

Benefit of Project Management Coaching?

To be an integrator with all of the project stakeholders, an effective project manager needs to develop several capabilities (Withmore, 2009). In our experience, the main benefits of the project management coaching are:

  • Improvement of current competences

  • Better communication and negotiation skills

  • Greater mental flexibility and problem-solving capability

  • Better relationship with all the project stakeholders

During the first coaching session, the coach explores the project manager's capabilities, identifying the present state and the desired state (the goals of the coaching process).


We provide coaching sessions for stakeholders participating in a project. This includes, but not limited to, project practitionners, consultants, students, sponsors, stakeholders, and vendors who:

  • Are responsible or accountable for delivering project outcomes

  • Work on project full or part time

  • Work in portfolio, program, or project management offices (PMOs)

  • Are involved in project sponsorship, product ownership, product management, executive leadership, or project governance

  • Are involved with portfolio or program management

  • Provide resources for project work

  • Focus on value delivery for portfolios, programs, and projects

  • Study project management

  • Are involved in any aspect of the project value delivery chain

Our approach

A pool of hours/days is made available to the company so that project managers can call on our project management experts.

Via our online booking system, it is possible to book one or more individual coaching sessions (one session = 30 or 60 min) with the coach dedicated to your company.

When booking, you are asked to inform the subject on which the coaching will take place in order to best prepare the session. Coaching takes place via videoconference (MS Teams).

A dashboard (Power BI) is available online to track consumption.
Contact us via the contact form below to obtain a price offer or for any other questions.


Our coaches/experts

Our pool of day/hours

We propose many different pool of days/hours in order to fit your needs as better as possible.

70+ templates can be downloaded for free if you have a valid contract.

A dedicated dashboard (MS Power BI) will be available online in order to follow the consumption.

3 days

24 hours

1.500 € / day

187,5 € / hour

4.500 €

40 days

320 hours

1.100 € / day

137,5 € / hour

44.000 €

5 days

40 hours

1.350 € / day

168,75 € / hour

6.750 €

80 days

640 hours

980 € / day

122,5 € / hour

78.400 €

10 days

80 hours

1.200 € / day

150,0 € / hour

12.000 €

120 days

960 hours

860 € / day

107,5 € / hour

103.200 €

All prices are VAT excluded, payable before starting coaching sessions.

(remote coaching via MS Teams)

Do not hesitate... providing the necessary methodology and know-how to your employees will help you to stay on track. Budget, quality and schedule will remain under control.

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